Planning: Suggestions for Dressing a Wedding Guest



2 weeks ago, I received a wedding invite from the groom. Two thoughts came to my mind: One is to thank and congratulate the new couple; Second is what am I going to wear…

My go-to wedding attire has been black tailored pants with a bright coloured blouse and classy heels. The blouses are from Mom’s stash of clothes from back in the days. I like how they are simple in cut and lets the print speak for itself.

This wedding is important and I am keen on wearing something me-made. With less than a month till the big day, I need to pick out a pattern soon (hopefully something I made before). Style wise it needs to be:

  • Appropriate for an afternoon church wedding in early October
  • Shortest hem is just above the knee
  • Sleeves to combat the chilly Fall weather

Any pattern suggestions or tips for this wedding guest?

Finished: Sewalong with Colette Aster


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Join the aster Sewalong!2015 has been year of the button-up shirts. So far I have made a Sewaholic Granville, two Sewaholic Oakridge, and two Colette Aster.

Thank goodness for Sewalongs! My second go at the Colette Aster was much smoother than the first one (made prior to the sewalong…).

Colette’s Aster pattern was released during the last leg of my 3 week vacation. Mom gave me a lot of feedback with the clothes she packed (some made by me). A loose-fitting button-up shirt that can be dressed up would be nice as most of the shirts she packed looked too outdoors.

Linen Aster - Front

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Finished: Marni Davie


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Brand new dress for me in one of the boldest colour choices yet.

Sewaholic DavieWhat a coincidence! There is a pattern sitting in my stash from one of the Big 4s which is very similar to the new Sewaholic pattern. That dress is still in planning as I continue to doubt the amount of ease in the finished garment to my size. (No fun when I’m between envelope sizes)

When I saw the Sewaholic Davie on the blog, I put the Big 4 pattern back in the stash and quickly went out to the fabric store. It’s a pleasure to know that sizing is consistent throughout Sewaholic Patterns, one less thing to worry.


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Story: 2247 and The H&M Twin


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On my way back to work from lunch, I walked briskly through the halls of the local mall to reach my target 10,000 steps a day. As usual, I would slow down as I pass by a new window display. My eyes would wander to check out the new stuff as my mind deciphers the design. Something caught my eye at the last store, hence instead of leaving the mall, I entered the storefront and made a bee-line directly to the rack.

The lucky item is a H&M $14.95 jersey dress with a V princess seam dress with a V-neckline plus comes in 4 colour options, 3 printed and 1 solid.

H&M Jersey Dress

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