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The one almighty dress everyone must have in their closet for any situation possible is…*drumroll*…the Little Black Dress.

Fashion magazines, stylists, and designers swears by the importance of having “the little black dress”. Versatile is often used to describe the dress. The dress can be matched with anything, a coat, eye-catching handbag, killer heels, or bling (look at Coco Chanel!).

Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The most famous version of the little black dress would be the one Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Designed by Givenchy in 1961, the simple floor-length dress oozed glamour and sophistication.

No doubt, those two dresses are great. But where can I find one that fits ‘me’. I’ve been searching for the little black dress to replace my go-to black outfit for presentations; simple t-shirt, pants, heels, and a scarf to accessorize. There are times when I want a dress to match everything in the closet. (not always a practical idea though…)

I have been pondering between patterns to determine my ideal little black dress. The contenders are:

Rooibos by Colette Pattern

This pattern can be both casual and professional, plus it’s suitable for year round. My concern is the fit on the upper torso, its illusion to make the tummy look flat is perks. However if the fit is wrong, everything is wrong.

How cute is the piping on the pockets!!

Gertie for Butterick B5953

I’m hesitant on the getting this pattern because I can’t justify if I will make more than one version of the garment. This pattern breathes Mad Men. Then again, I’m afraid it will look too costume than serious boardroom. (Classroom in my case)

Time to sleep on the idea of making The Little Black Dress