Following up on my previous post on planning my Fall 2013 Wardrobe

They are done! These 2 were quite daunting.

Orange Pumpkin Laurel

The neckline on the garment has been flipped numerous times when I was learning how to use the bias tape. I couldn’t decide on whether to do a bias tape facing or have it show as an accent. Both options work but I want to make it more special. Ended up having the bias tape show around the neckline, hence the extreme care on sewing the top stitch. Love the results.

Brown Vertical Flower Alma

With the shortage in length, double-folding the hem would make it a lot shorter. To save the length I had, I trimmed it with a bias tape hem. Of course, the top stitching…

I’m happy with both tops. The lesson from these two are,

“Bias tape can do wonders”.

This is my second experience with bias tape. First time was making it from scratch for another Laurel collar (challenge for a first-timer). This time I had a lot of options, keep it easy on the eyes or go all out with the contrast. I’m more confident with the bias tape now. Plus I might be developing a new love for bias tape use.