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The old-school method of sending out flyers by mail is still the effective way of getting my foot-in-the-door.

Fabricland is hosting a Pre-Holiday Sale till mid-December; quilting fabric for $5/m, thread for BOGO, and 50% on most fabrics. My goal is to find a Christmas fabric to wear for work in December (need to alternate between seasonal outfits).

I picked out a quirky quilting fabric, it looks like someone went crazy with the sharpie marker and circled everything. Love it! Mom picked out a stretch fabric for another Renfrew. This one would be a simple round-necked collar. No Christmas prints for me this time…

Also picked out a tan-patterned fabric for a quilt. I’m gonna collect all my remnants and use them to make this Granny Square quilt from Blue Elephant Stitches. The plan is for each square to represent a certain time/event in my sewing. For the batting, I’m gonna cheat a bit…Fabricland had this plush fleece throw for $13.80 with a jade/brown flower pattern. Plan is to sew the squares together, pin it to the throw, and ditch-stitch them together. Then I will have a nice looking quilt which is warm and fuzzy underneath. Perfect for my long hours of gaming.

Of course, I couldn’t leave without thread, especially black and white. There are at least 6 spools of them at home but it’s frustrating when none of them are identical. I’m serious! You check the label and make sure they are from the same lot. Then when you set it down with the fabric, they’re all fraternal twins. Maybe it’s not too big of a deal when sewing seams, but it drove me nuts when I was cross-stitching. Project estimated 2 skeins but since I changed the count, it required 3 skeins. Matching for the 3rd skein mid-project is a no-no. When in doubt, buy extra.