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Geometric Notebook Embroidery Kit

Colette Patterns opened their pop-up shop, Gifts for Crafters, couple weeks ago. It’s a crafters’ candy store with all the kits and cute products. The opening of the store coincided with the release of their new menswear line, Walden. Walden is menswear but the designs are appropriate for unisex. With that, Colette offered 15% on patterns from the Walden line, the Albion, Cooper, and Negroni.

I’ve been eyeing the Negroni for my next purchase…and this looks like a good reason. Why not?! So I ordered all 3 Walden patterns. Mom picked out the notebook embroidery kit and suggested I also get the Cooper Hardware Kit. At least with a kit, I would be willing to start on the project rather than collect all the pieces from scratch (Mother knows best).

{….2 weeks after placing the order….}

Colette Patterns announces 20% off everything in the shop.

I’m still waiting for my order T__T …sigh…want to hold off from any impulse purchases. The marketing from Black Friday is driving me nuts. Have to calm down and think of what I already have. Maybe the order will come in by tomorrow…

When I met up with Mom for lunch, she pulled out the Cooper pattern. My order finally came!! *happy dance* Felt like a renewal of hope in mindless spending. Now to study the pattern and start after I hand in 2 papers.