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Who knew I would go back to the fabric stores within a week.


Fabricana held their customer appreciation sale on Nov 22. I bought some vinyl leather for the Cooper bag, some bamboo knit for Renfrews, and a quilting cotton for Almas.

I went back on the 20th for the shop local event, “we pay GST and PST”. That visit was more of a look-around to see what I can use for Dad’s button-up shirt with the Negroni pattern. The goal is to find something on par with his extensive collection of Patagonia shirts. As for the Albion, I had my eye on a brown Dynatex fleece backed soft shell for $13.98/m. Oooh, not sure if my brother would like it…

Then on Sunday, I stopped by there again to pick up the Dynatex. I was slightly heart broken when it measured 1.5m, only enough for a shirt. Maybe it was not meant to be…


Notions 50% off, purchase leather needles. That was the purpose of the visit.

But then I left with 12 Simplicity patterns ($2 each), a sequinned velvet fabric with matching lining for a holiday skirt, discount buttons, and….yes, a pack of leather sewing needles.

What’s Next…

With 2 more weeks of school, major projects are on standby as I am working on Mom’s 2013 Holiday Wardrobe. At the moment, she only mentioned 4 parties, so 4 outfits to prepare. Let’s hope she won’t spring a 5th party on me.