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First post with photos of the finished garment!! Please excuse the mess as I am still familiarizing myself with Flickr.

Janet’s Purple Luon Renfrew

This garment is special as it’s the first sewing gift to be given away.

Janet, my co-worker, saw the Renfrew I wore last month and thought it was store-bought. She mentioned looking for some new tops and I figured I could make a Renfrew for her. Sizing was a bit of guess work. We are both devout Costco shoppers to the point of going to work in the same shirt but in different colours. Since I am a Costco Small and she is a Medium (same as Mom), I sewed a straight size 12 hoping the stretch fabric would help out.

Fabric was purchased from Dressew. The fabric is a Lululemon Luon with a purple sheen and a subtle pattern. There was another bolt; same fabric and pattern but in grey. Hence this garment is the sister of Mom’s Grey Renfrew.




Seam Finishing

I also want to showcase the garment’s inside. For any crafts, the true skill of the artisan is on the inside of the product. The finishing inside should be just as good as the outside.

This time, I placed more effort on the seam finishes; since I have a tendency to just sew, press, and continue on. I sewed an additional zigzag stitch with both seams together, beside the stitchline. Then trimmed up to the zigzag to make the seam less bulky. The seam feels more secure this way.

Details of Finishing

Here is a better view of the finishing. I left the machine basting in as an extra wear/tear precaution. They also come in handy as a trimming guideline.


Stabilizing Shoulders

The shoulders are stabilized with a strip of stay-tape. I followed Sewaholic’s tutorial but sewed the tape on the ‘Back’ pieces. This prevents the tape from scraping your skin after the seam has been pressed back.

Final Thoughts…

I feel excited and a bit sad to see this garment leave my hands today…but I’m sure Janet will enjoy this garment. A couple quick tips from what I learned:

  • Know your recipient well
  • Learn from the past, incorporate a new technique
  • Trim those seam allowance