After the Black Friday Haul, I vowed to refrain from fabric shopping until the New Year. All was good until Fabricland’s Buy 1 Get 1, 2, 3 Free sale. The deal is this, you buy 1m of fabric and depending on the tag, you can get an additional 1m, 2m, or 3m free. So if the tag says Buy 1 Get 1, you pay for the price of 1m and take home 2m. With a sharp eye, you can find the Buy 1 Get 3, pay for 1m and take home 4m in total. Imagine buying a fabric that’s $18/m in Buy 1 Get 3, it all comes down to $4.5/m.

Since I don’t have a specific pattern in mind when buying fabric, I would go with my method of guessing the amount of fabric needed. (this works for fabric at ~150cm width, anything less I would account 25% more)

1.5m = 1 Top
3m = 2 Tops
3m = 1 Dress
4m = 1 Dress + 1 Top

If I do have a pattern in mind, I would quickly go online to find the envelope back. (That is if I left my binder ring of mini pattern envelopes at home) Hmm, maybe I should invest on a set of GwynHug’s “How Much Fabric” Reference Cards

Let’s talk about the fabric I purchased! They are mostly 100% polyester since I’m planning a few more summer dresses.

Fabric Purchased

Red/Orange with Black/White Hearts

I’m sure I saw a similar fabric used in one of the fast-fashion houses (Forever 21, H&M, Topshop). This would make a nice flowing dress.

Dark Brown Crepe with Uneven Orange/Yellow/Red/White Vertical Blocks

This is a one-way fabric. The crepe texture shows up nicely on the vertical pattern. Looks like something on canvas. Something with pleats would be nice.

Sheer Navy/Orange/Beige Circle Blocks

The pattern pops out even more when there’s a lining underneath. Picked out a lilac lining for it (it looks better in champagne but there was only 1m left). Quite tempted to make something with sleeves.


With Fabricland no longer stocking Simplicity patterns, all remaining stock were put together into their own little clearance table; Simplicity $2, New Look $1.50, It’s So Easy $1. Can’t resist!! I picked out the ones with interesting techniques or details. Dad says it’s always easier to reference a pattern for technique than draft one.

Time to start planning for Spring and Summer…