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Sewaholic Saltspring Dress Weather was bizarre with snow in late February and early March. I had enough with the dark and damp days…then Daylight Saving Time came to make everything brighter and happier.

Feeling the extra Vitamin D, it’s time to work on Spring/Summer wardrobe. Continuing with my break from Almas and Laurels (no tops until Sewaholic’s new pattern in April), I started work on Sewaholic’s Saltspring Dress.

Last summer, I spent 2 weeks churning out clothing to wear for my Japan trip (Alma and Laurel included). Surprisingly, I was set on bringing a dress on the trip. Take note: I’ve been a t-shirt/jean girl everyday for the past 10+ years; even my childhood classmates know I “have to be caught dead in a dress“.

Simplicity 2247Working with a trusty pattern, I made a linen Simplicity 2247 in View C with a lowered bodice. The dress turned out well with lots of wear. My only concern was it looked too polished and not casual enough.

Partway through the trip, Sewaholic released the Saltspring dress. I’m not a fan of stringy/loosey/maxi dresses so I kept it in the back of my mind. Throughout the trip, I saw people of various body size wear the Saltspring silhouette and they looked really good. I purchased a maxi from Uniqlo years ago but it didn’t do me any good (horizontal striped with a mermaid bottom). Maybe if I try out the Saltspring….

Now I am working on a Saltspring dress with the sheer Navy/Orange/Beige Circle Blocks fabric from Fabricland’s Buy 1 Get 1, 2, 3 Free. The fabric likes to move all over the place so there are lots of pinning. This is also a slow work in progress as I’ve been a bit under the weather this week…stuffy nose be gone.