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After making the party dress, it was the time to start a new project. But instead of going back to a tried-and-true pattern, I wanted to do some problem solving. Why not go tackle a problem and find a solution that is beneficial in the long run.

My concern is finding a skirt style that suits me. So far, the ‘Gathered Skirt‘ does not work on me.

This has little to do with its construction. I’m quite comfortable with making gathers but my main concern is the way they wear on me.

The first gathered skirt I made was the Sewaholic Cambie in view B, which ultimately became a UFO (UnFinished Object). The skirt portion was wrong on me. The gathers made my waist and hips look much bigger than they actually are. From the side, it looked like a maternity dress. Don’t get me wrong, there is no problem with the pattern design. My style preference must’ve gotten the better of me. When I made the same dress again in View A, the A-line skirt looked more polished and I felt slim in it. (I made 2 of those)

Simplicity 1800The second gathered skirt encounter was for Simplicity 1800. The skirt is pleated but the result is just as bad as the gathers. The dress sits high at an empire waist. The pleats were BAD. I adjusted them many times; having them as per the instructions, pleats sewn flat, and gathered. The extra fabric did me no good. The neckline was…argh…won’t even start on that. Today is dedicated to gathered skirts. The dress just needs a zipper installation and hem. Here to another UFO slated for the future as a maternity dress.


Simplicity 1652The third encounter is Simplicity 1652, princess seam bodice with a slight gather in the skirt front with pockets. I thought this will be the winner but…no… it didn’t work out. The gathers!! Why!! We’re not matched for each other. Again, it was frumpy and maternity looking. The gathers were not just in the front, but also in the back on top of my assets. Frustrated again, this went into the garment bag. Since there is still work to be done, I wrote up a slip for my future self to sew the neckline facing, install zipper, set sleeves, and hem.

With 3 UFOs in a garment bag (I should have it labeled ‘Maternity’), I have learned that Gathered Skirts does not work for me.

Now to go discover other style options. Any dress suggestions?