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Belcarra Sew-AlongExcited to finally take part in a Sew-Along when it happens and not months later.

Mom said there’s nothing lined up for her in my current WIP. Guess the timing is just right with the Sewaholic Belcarra Blouse Sew-Along. Mom gets a new top in less than 2 weeks.



Mom and I popped into Spool of Thread one afternoon to find something for a simple top. We found some roll-ends of Cloud9 Fabrics’ Mixteca collection. It was a now or never moment with minimal yardage left.

Mom picked the Tucana print and it was moment of truth to see how much is left in the bolt, 1.3m. Alright, I can deal with that for a top. I asked the girl if they had the Sewaholic Belcarra in stock and she found me a copy. Yes!!


For Mom’s size, the pattern suggests 2.1m of fabric. Obviously I am short 0.8m but gut feeling tells me most of the yardage is for a neck binding cut on the bias. Sure enough, there is a neck binding on the bias. In lieu of using the fabric for a neck binding, I used bias tape instead.

Construction and Alternations

View A is the basic blouse with bias cuffs. Other options are turnback cuffs, tucked sleeves, or a patch pocket.


The Sew-Along suggests marking the stitch line with chalk first to make life easier when sewing around the angles. The cuff looks much better than if I had done it by eye. Now I want to mark everything angled.

Bias Tape Neck Binding

The bias tape binding was a good alternative to the self-fabric neck binding. My concern is for how it will hold up on lighter fabric. Maybe there is a ‘lighter’ bias tape…

Neck Binding

InsideSeam Finishing

All seams were trimmed down with pinking shears. The cuffs had been basted earlier so they were trimmed down and sewn over with a zigzag.

The pattern suggests sewing the hem by folding it by 1.5″, finish seam, and sew in place. Mom prefers a double fold so I did that instead.

Easy Sew

Don’t think I made a single fuss through the whole project. The experience was surprisingly pleasant. I was at ease through every step without any struggle.

Final Thoughts

Next time, I would consider a more lightweight fabric (anything lighter than cotton). Mom felt there is too much flare around the hip so I will taper it next time.

  • Use lighter fabric
  • Use less fabric by finding an alternative to the neck binding
  • Try other sleeve/cuff variations