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Sewaholic HollyburnFollowing the party dress and blouse, I took a month-long sewing hiatus. Instead of revisiting my trustworthy patterns (Sewaholic’s Alma and Renfrew or Colette’s Laurel), Mom thought I should try out another Simplicity Amazing Fit, such as the 1652. That’s right, the one I talked about last time in Skirting the Issue with Gathers.

Couple days after stashing the dress into the garment bag, Mom texted me this…


'Bought the skirt pattern, will let you choose the cloth'

Guess she knew how frustrated I was with the last UFO and went to find something that works. So when I got home, she showed me her pattern haul…Sewaholic’s Hollyburn Skirt. Thanks Mom!! I couldn’t wait to start on this pattern, but dinner comes first.



After seeing the pattern, I already had a fabric in mind. Couple months back, I bought a quilting cotton intended for a skirt. The pattern is filled with random circles with a black dot in the center. I dubbed it the ‘Sharpie’ fabric cause it actually looks like someone took the time to draw circles with a sharpie.


There are 3 waistband options, plain, belt loops, or button tabs. I kept it as plain since the print was already quite busy.

Construction and Alternations

Working with View C, I had to grade my pattern for 10 waist and 4 hip. I worried the grading would reduce the amount of flare on the skirt but it seems fine.

Seam Finishing

The pattern constantly reminds you to finish the seam allowance. I followed along with french seam on the sides and turn under for the center. The pocket only suggests a zigzag to finish whereas I prefer a sturdy french seam.
Inside FrontInside Back

Pocket Edge

Zigzag around the Pocket

Regular zipper vs. invisible zipper

The pattern calls for a 9″ regular zipper which I didn’t have on hand. Surprisingly, I have lots of 9″ invisible zipper for the Alma until I discovered I could pull the shirt over my head without the aid of a zipper. The funny thing is I followed the instructions as written up to topstitching the waistband when I wondered why I didn’t sew it as an invisible zip?? Odd indeed.
Back ZipperZipper Detail


Just too cute! I want pockets on all my skirts and dresses. Instead of letting my hands wander, the pocket invites them to hangout in the small cozy space with the tissue, cellphone, and fitbit one.



Skirt Length

A skirt too long can be matronly yet scandalous when too short. Even with a 1.5″ hem allowance in View C, the skirt was still hitting my knee. Preferring a shorter hem, I hemmed out 3″.

Final Thought

The skirt felt very flirty and fun. Depending on the fabric print, I might even shorten it an inch more. As for the hem, Mom said it looks uneven from the side, shorter on the back. Maybe my booty is giving it a bit of lift. Have to look into this for the next skirt.

  • Shorten pattern (cut at size 4 length)
  • Find cute buttons for the tabs