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The Tucana Belcarra has become Mom’s new go-to top to wear, on par with the Sewaholic Renfrew. Seeing how much she gushes over the Belcarra, I made one for myself and have been loving it too. (Not yet posted)

The Sewaholic Belcarra is a 1m stash buster if you go the bias tape route. I can imagine the different mix and match opportunities.

Right now, I have 3 Belcarras cut and ready to go. All 3 were cut with only 1m of fabric. For the Pink/Ivory versions, each 1m of colour were cut as a whole shirt before I swapped the sleeves amongst them.

Stacked in July

3 Belcarras for July

While they all look clean in the picture, they are quite a fray monster to work with. With limited bias tape on hand, I chose to sew them with french seams. The seams take double the time to sew but you cannot deny the durability of having a fray-free seam.

Here’s hoping everything will go smoothly and finish by the end of the week…