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Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with friends and family.

I spent December with ‘zero’ sewing. A bit upsetting as I had a Christmas top cut out but no time to sew. So we opted to re-wear what we have; mine is a 2012 Christmas Alma and Mom with her 2013 Black Lace with Purple/White Chrysanthemum Alma-Laurel (I still want a long-sleeve Alma for myself).

The one thing I did a lot of was ironing as my parents gifted me an iron back in November.

Monopoly Iron

Retired Monopoly Iron

Not the ‘Fe’ Iron, but a 20th century version of the retired Monopoly Iron token.

Since the early days of sewing, I have been on the look out for a new iron to call my own. The current one was becoming a hassle and is well known for doing the following things:

  • Leaking when tipped to the side
  • Leaking when standing up
  • Does not shut off unless you unplug the cord
  • Cannot reach the odd corners
  • Not enough steam and cannot steam when held on its own

Quick history on the irons at home.

The first one was my Grandma’s but Dad has been using it to wax our skis every Saturday night for skiing on Sunday at the local mountain. It was awesome to have freshly waxed skis every week for over 15 years of weekly skiing.

The current (second iron) is a T-Fal Dad bought so we don’t have to use the waxing iron. The iron came out for the occasional fancy shirt ironing or the need to complete a Home Ec assignment. Now it is used on a daily basis as my sewing iron.

The ‘New’ Iron

Oliso TG1250 Iron

Oliso TG1250 Iron

A couple months back, I saw the demo lady at Costco with the Oliso TG1250 Iron. She demo-ed on cotton, wool, velvet, silk, and appliques in the form of tops, trousers, saris, collared shirt, and curtains. Those ladies are pros at making you buy instantly. Of course, I held back and slept on the idea of getting a new ($100+) iron. After a couple sleeps I went back to Costco to see if she was still there, but sadly no. Maybe if she comes back again…(what are the odds of a roadshow returning to Costco?!)

Then in November, I saw the demo lady again and tried the iron out for myself. The iron glides smoothly without much muscle power, it steams gently, the legs magically lifts up the iron to prevent any scorching when not in use (no more standing up the iron), odd corners are no-more, plus it can steam upright….and she’s in orange.

The Oliso replaced the T-Fal and now lives permanently by the kitchen table, ready to be plugged in for use. She does have an on/off switch so I don’t have to always plug/unplug. Ironing is much more enjoyable now. There were times when I made my brother take off his concert shirt so I could quickly iron the collar and placket (She heats up fairly quick).

Then there’s my new guilty pleasure of ironing my work clothes before going to bed. The feeling of a pressed uniform makes the day so much better.

Another big thanks to my parents for gifting me a new iron.