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CollarSewaholic GranvilleI did it! My button-up shirt is done just in time for Chinese New Year.

I try to keep with tradition of wearing one piece of brand new clothing for Chinese New Year (traditionally it is head-to-toe brand new but I compromised). Though it is not red for the festivities, I’m sure it will bring many wears for the new year.

Again, this is the Sewaholic Granville Shirt in View C. A Fitted button-front shirt with tailored plackets and cuffs, front darts, and back princess seams.

 Construction and Alternations Continued…

Remember to check out the Work In Progress post to see the story and more making of the shirt.

More Collar

Here’s a better view of the collar. I omitted the button on the collar stand as I rarely use it. If you’re super picky, you’ll notice the stand is not symmetrical as I fussed up a bit while sewing. Tip for next time, trim down more seam allowance.
Collar 2

Placket Part 2

I was on a roll with placket making and forgot to take pictures along the way. The remaining steps were straightforward as you tuck everything in nicely and “try” to make a nice triangle at the top. Tucking in the fabric under the triangle and keeping it even was tough. Despite my effort to pin/steam/glue it in place, it refused to stay put. Eventually, I went ahead and edgestitched on top of the chalk markings. Then behold! It turned out fine. Good thing the stitches aren’t too visible.
Placket Inside


Button picking can be stressful. I took out 5 white-ish buttons from my button stash and laid them out on the fabric. They all look good but I was mulling… Argh! The decision…..

Me: Dad! Can you look over the buttons?
Dad: *looks and point* Shell button.
Me: How come?
Dad: You can't go wrong with the sheen.



This is the part I am most proud of, finishing all visible seams. As in the last post, I flat-felled every possible seams (including the sleeves). I did try flat-felling the armhole but it was too much work. Instead, I binded the seam with bias tape. Looking at it from the inside, this garment can hold a lot of wear and tear without any seam popping.
Inside Front

Inside Back

Flat-felled princess seams

Final Thoughts

This pattern works and I can’t wait to make more. The instructions are very straight forward though there is a lot of demand for edgestitching. I advise taking this pattern in parts as there is a lot to do for each task.

After wearing this shirt for a day at work, there are some adjustments I would make for next time.

  • Shorten length of garment
  • Take in the back princess seams
  • Add a pocket