About ‘Mommy’ é ‘Me’

Mommy é Me is inspired by the first fabric I bought in summer 2011 during an on-a-whim trip to the fabric store. The print had 2 cats with the phrase Mommy é Me printed underneath. Since then, each garment made by me is described as a “Mommy é Me“. Mom encouraged me to start a blog to document the projects from start to finish.


  • Work and school by day
  • Sews at night when no one is using the dining table
  • Borrowing Dad’s Singer to sew


  • Works in scrubs
  • Picks out what she wants on her next outfit (made to the best of my ability)
  • Taught me a craft every summer to keep me busy until the new school year.
      • Crafts I learned from Mom includes:
          • Latch-Hook
          • Plastic Canvas
          • Cross-Stitch
          • Crochet
          • Knitting
          • Beading
          • Embroidery

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