Finished: Cycling through Sewaholic Granville


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CollarSewaholic GranvilleI did it! My button-up shirt is done just in time for Chinese New Year.

I try to keep with tradition of wearing one piece of brand new clothing for Chinese New Year (traditionally it is head-to-toe brand new but I compromised). Though it is not red for the festivities, I’m sure it will bring many wears for the new year.

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WIP: Cycling through Sewaholic Granville


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Cycling Through GranvilleFamily Day long weekend calls for extended sewing sessions.

I was at Fabricana last month to purchase the new Sewaholic patterns, Granville Shirt and Oakridge Blouse. Then right beside them were bolts of new fabric, Japan cotton, calling for me to take them home. Can’t….resist… must make shirt.

Then on the way to the cutting table, I eyed a white cotton shirting with blue bicycles. I thought, “you will be my new best friend”. As usual, I went to find Andrea for cutting. She saw the fabric and laughed, “I’m guessing this one is for you and that one is for Mom”. She knows my fabric choices too well. Continue reading

Haul: Parents Gifted Me An Iron


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Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays with friends and family.

I spent December with ‘zero’ sewing. A bit upsetting as I had a Christmas top cut out but no time to sew. So we opted to re-wear what we have; mine is a 2012 Christmas Alma and Mom with her 2013 Black Lace with Purple/White Chrysanthemum Alma-Laurel (I still want a long-sleeve Alma for myself).

The one thing I did a lot of was ironing as my parents gifted me an iron back in November.

Monopoly Iron

Retired Monopoly Iron

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Kicking back into Sewing Mode

Woah! Where did the time go? Quick recap on what happened since my last post.

I went on a month-long trip to Japan with my family in August. Aside from sightseeing, I did stop by several fabric/craft stores to check out the notions. Will share those once I have tried them out.

Then since returning from the trip, it has been difficult getting back into sewing mode. (Doubt it was the jet lag as I went back to work the next day). Everything felt slow…slow…slow. There was no “I need a new dress”, no patterns to “must sew now!”, nor “Mom needs a blouse by next week”.

There are several drafts about summer sewing, which are slowly being written up. Look for those in the coming weeks. (Ha! Self-imposed deadline there!) Now hoping I will gradually get back on track with sewing.